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Carpet with a zig zag design now available at Hurren & Glynn

Deco Zig Zag carpet is now available at Hurren and Glynn, Brighton and Hove. Customers have been choosing striped carpet to create the ‘WOW’ factor for many years but how about something completely different.

Take a look at the Deco range and in particular the Zig Zag design by Hugh Mackay carpets.

The Hugh MacKay carpets new flagship wool loop collection. Recently released with the striking new verticle Zig-Zag design in fresh new colours. The carpet collection now boasts 40 coordinated options including matching plain and stripes designs.

The Zig Zag design is innovative and well suited to the happy outgoing people of Brighton and Hove.

All the colours available in the zig zag design are displayed in one picture

All colours available in the Deco Zig Zag

The Deco carpet range in colour Kingston

The Deco Zig Zag colour “Kingston”

The Deco Zig Zag carpet design will look stunning on your stairs and to compliment this you could fit plain carpets to other rooms.

Deco zig zag carpet in Kingston colour with coordinating plain next to it

Deco Zig Zag carpet colour “Kingston” with a coordinating plain

Installing a Deco Zig Zag design in every room is not going to be for everyone so the designers at Hugh Mackay Carpets have ensured that every colour has a co-ordinating and matching plain carpet. This is ideal and enhances the overall look of the carpet.

A selection of zig zag designed carpets with coordinating plains

A selection of Zig Zag designs with coordinating plains

Hurren and Glynn Carpets in Brighton and Hove is one of the oldest carpet and flooring shops in Sussex. We have links with all major carpet suppliers. With our wealth of experience we are able to identify which new ranges are going to do well in Brighton and Hove. The Deco range is one of those carpets that we think will be well suited to our discerning customers.

Carpet can be one of the easiest ways to personalize an environment. We think the Deco range is one the most exciting ranges to hit our store in Brighton and Hove in recent years.

The relationship of the past with the future is reflected in today’s buzz words of “Nostalgia” and “Vintage”. This may explain why our customers have been giving such enthusiastic feedback for the “Deco” range. A new addition to the excellent ranges on offer at Hurren and Glynn, Brighton and Hove.

The Deco range is made from luxurious British Wool. It is suitable for halls, stairs, landings, bedrooms, lounges and dining rooms. So basically most rooms in the house. The carpets are given a Heavy Domestic or General Contract rating so are very hard-wearing.

If you would like to take a closer look at the range please call in to the showroom at 110-114 Portland Road, Hove or call us on 01273 773051 for more information.

We offer a no-obligation measure service and are happy to bring samples to you if that works better for you.

Please call us on 01273 773051 if you’d like any help