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Designer carpet for hotels, offices and homes inspired by haute courture

Stunning designer carpet designs

At Hurren and Glynn carpets in Hove we do our best to offer the latest designer carpet ranges and bring our customers something a little different.

This article is about a new designer carpet range that we think our commercial and domestic customers will like. Although the range has been specifically design for hotels, offices and hospitality businesses we think it will also look stunning in homes.

Introducing Balsan carpets

Balsan Carpets is a French manufacturer of high quality commercial carpets and carpet tiles. Their products find themselves at home in both commercial and domestic environments. By using a unique printing process, Balsan can achieve an amazing range of patterned carpets that, until recently, was only achievable in woven carpets.

Hurren and Glynn carpets is a preferred supplier and professional installer of all Balsan carpet ranges.


Balsan’s French Couture – designer carpet collection

Balsan’s new French Couture collection uses their unique printing process to create some wonderful floor-coverings.

Colours to match your walls and textured patterns to emulate the feel of hand-sewn fabric – the true spirit of couture!


The collection comprises 9 French Couture designs, with some available in different colour combinations.


For projects over 400 square metres you can design your own bespoke product in one of two ways:

  1. Start from any French Couture range and change the pattern and colour with the help of Balsan’s own design tool
  2. Create your very own pattern for an original and exclusive result

Take a look at some of the designs available


Lily is a Japanese-inspired floral embroidery pattern that flows across the surface. Inspired by the work of some of the greatest names in fashion, this design flows seamlessly and uninterrupted on the floor. Lily is available in 4 designs, each with a different background colour (khaki, pearl grey, chocolate and onyx), highlighted by a shower of colourful flower petals (turquoise or golden).

designer carpet

Balsan French Couture Lily 991



A horizontal streaked pattern, slightly irregular, evocative of light and airy fabric, like a thin veil of clouds. Gina is available in a single colour: wheat beige. A neutral hue, easily paired with other shades, soft and calming; an ideal option for a bedroom.

Gina 600

Balsan French Couture Gina 600



You can never go wrong with timeless and understated elegance. Darius is available in ash grey and linen. The irregular pattern creates the illusion of handmade fabric, for a relaxing and seamless ambiance.

Darius 910

Balsan French Couture Darius 910



What makes César different is the large ornamental motifs interspersed with tassel patterns. An original composition that combines embroidered designs of different sizes, like
an accumulation of overlapping damask samples.

César 600

Balsan French Couture Cesar 600



This large plant motif looks as if it was embroidered by hand. The full scale of it is only revealed as users tread along its chestnut surface, a colour that is easily paired with many other shades.

Balsan French Couture Nino 600

Balsan French Couture Nino 600



Esmée was inspired by large damask-style volutes evocative of crown imperials and associated with an ikat pattern. The design is appealing because of its imperfections –   the faux wear, the patina – that really bring out the beautiful linen-coloured background

Esmee 600

Balsan French Couture Esmee 600


‘Léon’ and ‘Ilda’

Léon displays a dark backdrop of changing colours, like light filtered through foliage. The variations in thickness enhance the illusion of an oil painting. Exclusively in dark grey, to be combined with Ilda

Leon 990

Balsan French Couture Leon 990

Ilda brings an element of sensuousness, with lace motifs that seem to have been embroidered onto a dark frame. The irregular mesh pattern truly pops out because of the relief and the colour of the thread, which is available in three colours: turquoise, golden and ruby red

Ilda 991

Balsan French Couture Ilda 991

Balsan French Couture Ilda 993

Balsan French Couture Ilda 993


Look at the following images of completed projects


Interested to find out more?

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