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Tartan carpet at Hurren and Glynn Brighton and Hove

Tartan carpet is more popular than ever at Hurren and Glynn Carpets of Brighton and Hove.

To celebrate this we are offering a 10% discount* with this advertisement, on all of our Tartan ranges, until December 31st, 2017.

We have sold Tartan carpet for many years but with new colours coming through from manufacturers, tartans are being considered a lot more for all areas around the house.

Grey tartan carpet fitted to a reception room

Tartan carpet fitted to a reception room


Stripes or Tartan

Tartan carpet has always been celebrated by top designers in the fashion industry.  The trend for vintage style has grown in popularity for home styling as well.

For the last 10 years Striped carpet has been the ‘go to’ carpet for many people who want to add some style to their homes.

Stripes look good when fitted but to make a statement and give your home a distinctive look you may want to consider Tartan .

Brintons Abbotsford carpet fitted to hallway and stairs

Brintons Abbotsford Tartan carpet

Look at this stunning Abbotsford Black Tartan carpet from Brintons, fitted to a reception room and stairs.

To view this Brintons Tartan range please click below

Brintons Carpets

and type ‘Abbotsford’ in the search bar.

Contemporary and Traditional

Tartan is a pattern that has the power to be modern yet traditional; funky yet classic. At Hurren and Glynn we have seen its popularity grow in recent years for interiors.

The traditional reds, greens and golds give the designs a rich natural quality giving an air of modern grandeur. The weathered Buchannan tartan carpet from Hugh Mackay is a great tartan. The design maybe old but with subtle changes to the colours the carpet is perfect for the modern design conscious buyer. The full range of Hugh Mackay tartan carpets can be found on the following link.

Hugh Mackay Carpets

If you click on the Tartan Plaids brochure the full range of Tartans they have can be seen.

Hugh Mackay Tartan carpet

Tartan carpet fitted to a reception hall

Many samples in store for you to borrow

At Hurren and Glynn Carpets and Flooring we have Tartan carpet samples from Brintons, Axminster, Hugh Mackay and JHS in our large store in Brighton and Hove. This Hugh Mackay range is another fine tartan range, the samples of which we have available for you to borrow.

Come and have a no obligation browse, all of the samples we have in store are available to borrow free of charge so that you can view them in your own home with the wall, furniture colours and lighting conditions.

All we want is for you to make the right choice of flooring for your home.

Create your own Tartan carpet

For the more personalised touch we can help you create your own Tartan

Using Hugh Mackay’s Fast Track service able with 5 colour banks and ??? colours to make a Tartan just for you.

Wool carpet is also on trend right now and provides the added bonus of being a fantastic sustainable choice for flooring. It insulates your home and is biodegradable. Shearing of sheep is also essential for their welfare.

To see the range of Tartans we have and take advantage of the 10% offer*, which is open until 31/12/2017, please come in and see us or call 01273 773051

For directions please follow the next link.

Directions to Hurren and Glynn

We offer a no-obligation measure service and are happy to bring samples to you if that works better for you.


  • the 10% offer can not be used in conjunction with any other offer












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