About Us

Hurren and Glynn is a leading Brighton-based carpet and flooring supplier, delivering flooring for all budgets in Sussex and Kent. We specialise in sourcing top quality carpets at the very best price for you. What’s more, unlike some flooring companies, our staff are not paid sales commission. That means it is not about finding a quick sale here and there, we are truly focused on you choosing the product that suits you; not one that is paying more commission.
Hurren and Glynn was founded in 1959 by Mr Hurren and Mr Glynn. This photo shows the original Hurren & Glynn shop at 116 Portland Road (now Bodybase), as seen through the shop window of the ‘SNA’ Photographic shop opposite.
The business is family run by Roger and Juliette Watson. Roger joined the business straight from school in 1981 and took over from Mr Hurren and Mr Glynn when they retired. 
This photo shows the expansion of the business to incorporate 112-116 Portland Road.
Our philosophy to help our customers find the perfect flooring with the least amount of fuss has not changed since we opened our first store at 116 in 1959.

Our Team

Roger and Juliette have a small and perfectly formed loyal team working with them.
Darren: senior estimator, planning manager and is also their cousin. He joined the business in 1997
Chris:- sales associate and son of a family friend.

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