Domestic CarpetsWe have been successfully fitting carpets and vinyl based products for our customers since 1959 so we can pass on this expertise to you when you visit us in our Hove showroom.

There are so many products to choose from the help and advice we give you is an important part of the buying process.

Our range of products for the home include:-

  • Plain or patterned wool based twist pile carpets
  • Striped wool or man-made carpets
  • Extra wide wool carpets, up to 7 metres, to avoid joins
  • Special dye carpets so you get the exact colour carpet you want
  • Bespoke design wool based carpets
  • Plain or patterned man made carpets*
  • Plain loop pile carpets with wool or man-made yarns
  • Cushion vinyl
  • Luxury Vinyl (including Karndean and other brands). These products come in Tile or Wood effect planks with stick or click options
  • Stair rods to enhance the look of your stairs
  • Coir matting
  • Entrance matting

* we even have some ranges made from recycled plastic bottles!

Domestic flooring buying guide

Here are our top 10 buying tips to make carpet buying easier:-

1) Visit an independent local carpet shop

You will receive better service and advice at a local carpet shop, having to pay equal- if not less- as you would at a big multiple. At Hurren and Glynn we are part of the Greendale Group of small carpet shops which means that we get big discounts that we pass straight on to you. Our staff are not paid commission on sales and are only interested in you purchasing the right carpet for your budget and area, not the carpet that pays the most commission!

2) Ensure the carpet you choose is right for the location

It is important to get the right carpet for the area. Some carpets are robust enough for stairs because of the heavy wear while others are not and may only be suitable for bedrooms. Bathrooms and kitchens need special attention due to the presence of water and the need for regular cleaning

3) Consider what the carpet is made of

Carpets are made from a variety of fibres these days including Wool, Nylon, Polyester, Coir and even plastic bottles! Each fibre behaves differently, influencing factors like ease of cleaning, appearance and wear and tear.

4) Get a quote for the complete job

Cheap advertised square metre prices do not guarantee the lowest price for the complete job. Ensure that the price you are quoted covers all necessary services such as fitting, underlay, door bars, carpet disposal and furniture moving, etc. If you are shopping around ensure all companies are quoting on exactly the same carpet so you are making a fair comparison.

5) Get the area professionally measured

If you have the area professionally measured and assessed the responsibility for errors is with the carpet shop. By careful planning it may also be possible to reduce the amount of carpet needed by utilising as much waste as possible. This should save you money.

6) Ask for a sample

Lighting can significantly alter the appearance of a carpet. Fluorescent lighting in a shop is not like the lighting in our homes. Ask the retailer for a sample to view the carpet in your lighting conditions.

7) Have the carpet fitted by an expert

Carpet is an expensive purchase and if it is not fitted correctly you will not get the pleasure from it you deserve.

8) Buy a new underlay

Investing in a new underlay will significantly increase the lifespan of a carpet- by as much as 40%! It will feel fantastic underfoot but even more important, it will keep your new carpet looking better for longer. Underlay also improves sound and heat insulation.

9) Buy the best carpet you can afford

Like most things in life you do get what you pay for. If a carpet is really cheap there is a reason for this. A carpet may look the same but if the price is considerably cheaper then it is not the same.

10) Show your friends

Your new carpet will make your room look better than ever so be proud of it and show your friends and when you do tell them you got the carpet from Hurren and Glynn

To see our full range of domestic flooring in a variety of colours, textures and patterns, come along to our showroom in Portland Road, Hove. We offer a free, tailor-made advice service to help guide you through the carpet selection process, ensuring that you make the right choice of carpet for your home.