Should I buy new underlay with my new carpet?

At Hurren and Glynn Carpets and Flooring Hove, two of the most frequently asked questions by our customers are “Do we need underlay with our new carpet?” and “Will my old underlay be OK?”

In our opinion it is better to spend a little less on your new carpet to ensure the underlay is replaced. A good underlay will make your carpet feel much softer underfoot and greatly prolong the life of your new purchase.

There are many different types of underlay available to choose from and here at Hurren and Glynn, we can advise on and supply you with the vast majority of them. Here are the details of our two best sellers;

‘Super 8’ budget underlay- As you’ve probably guessed from the name, its 8mm thick. It has impact sound reduction of 33db. It provides excellent value for money without compromising too much on quality. It can be used anywhere around the house from stairs and landing to the bedrooms. It’s the underlay we recommend when sticking to a strict budget and economising is the name of the game. Used alongside ‘Hall’s Palm Grove’ or ‘Gala’ carpet- this is proving to be a best seller for landlords and people who wish to rent their property out.

Cloud 9 Cirrus – This is 9mm thick and has impact sound reduction of 39db. It has a ‘luxury use’ rating and is ideal for use in light contract and domestic areas where a high degree of comfort is required. Cloud 9 Cirrus in our opinion is by far the best ‘all rounder’ and is superb value for money. It is the underlay we recommend to all our customers as it doubles the enjoyment of your new carpet without doubling the price.
If used in conjunction with a lovely Saxony carpet, it provides wonderfully soft comfort underfoot in a bedroom. Likewise, if combined with a hardier, stripy loop pile such as ‘Crucial Trading Mississippi’, not only does it look stylish and very ‘now’, but it is also comfortable underfoot and very hard wearing and practical.

Some of our customers choose other underlays such as ‘Footfall’ or ‘Roma’-we are happy to supply these and any other you express a preference for.

Many consumers are now aware of the benefits of underlay but more needs to be done to provide information about the different types available and their suitability for different areas of the home.

At Hurren and Glynn, we will happily do ‘in store’ demonstrations with our customers so they can walk on our various best- selling carpet samples with varying grades of underlay, so they can immediately feel the difference. The results have been more than beneficial to everyone concerned. The customers have left better educated and feeling more at ease with their potential new carpet purchase.

We will do this on any carpet.

In Summary:

Good underlay will…..

– Improve underfoot comfort
– Increase appearance retention, reducing flattening
– Absorb the pressure of foot traffic and reduce wear
– Improve thermal insulation and warmth
– Increase sound insulation
– Smooth out sub-floor imperfections
– Last the life time of the carpet

Poor or old underlay will…..

– Feel hard and unwelcoming
– Reduce carpet life
– Cause wrinkling and premature wear spots
– Cause carpet fibres to break down more quickly
– Not meet British standards
– Invalidate many ‘lifespan’ guarantees on your new carpet

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